So cleaning Cleaning Services Ltd, founded in 2002, the company relies on the cleaning supplies ltd has grown up to be a famous property cleaning company! The company to strict, standardized services, system management system, high-quality level of service, committed to achieving a high standard, high starting point, high demand, high service concept to provide the perfect service for our customers! In recent years cleaning management in our company by domestic and foreign clients affirmation. As the company's business continues to expand, in recent years the introduction of various units and stone care business, according to different business and different materials respectively by different methods of cleaning. Such as cleaning wasteland, marble renovation, pipeline dirt cleaning, tank cleaning, carpet, sofa cleaning, marble antifouling treatment early (plane, elevation) etc.. Procter & Gamble Company management ranks has certain popularity in the city property. The company to undertake all kinds of outdoor high-altitude senior foreign office high-grade hotels and large commercial buildings, all kinds of special service based cleaning. All operators are held by the special work permit "by the Municipal Labor Bureau issued high altitude operation certificate" examination for posts, mainly uses the external wall hanging plate, a hanging basket Macek, glazed tile, marble, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, glass curtain walls, paint and paint of wall of inside and outside decoration, outer wall trap for high-altitude operation. External world third tall Shanghai Jinmao Tower is cleaned by our company. The company also for the Le Grand Large Hotel hotels, business offices, factories and enterprises, large-scale integrated commercial, the newly established property management companies, cleaning companies cleaning, cleaning cleaning operation since the relevant management system unit training the backbone of business and teaching about the PA cleaning business course, and provide advice or help solve all kinds of difficult cleaning about "disease" disease, such as marble macular, rust etc.. The company has more than 10 years of PA management experience, cultivate a batch of excellent management backbone personnel allocation, do a job with skill and ease; have accumulated large commercial a set of mature (shopping mall), senior foreign office buildings and Gaestgiveriet Hotel PA management experience and management system, position responsibilities, operation process, work standards, management a specification, and in 1999 July passed the TUA international famous companies of the company ISO9002 international quality assurance system certification. So that my company's PA management onto a new level higher.